Board Certified Health coach & lifestyle expert - Audrey byker

So many of us have experienced that little voice inside. It starts out as just a gentle nudge, progresses into an annoying feeling, and ultimately it becomes a pounding scream. “It was through that screaming, that I was pushed to live differently. My passion for nutrition, health and wellness coaching was born from my own struggle to change, and today allows me to work daily to influence and witness total transformation in my clients!” -Audrey Byker Health Coach

You feel pushed to live differently


Get the expertise, support, accountability and coaching you need for your body and health transformation.

Cooking Classes

Sharing basic to advanced cooking skills and developing comfort in the kitchen goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy lifestyle.
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A passionate Board Certified Health Coach, ‘mom on a mission’, athlete, and holistic entrepreneur. 

What exactly does a Health Coach do? Health Coaching includes educating clients about healthy eating and lifestyle choices, helping clients develop and set goals, and taking clients’ good intentions and putting them into practice. Health Coaches work in many settings and, among other services, provide general wellness and nutrition information, options, recommendations, guidance, motivation, and skill-building to establish healthier lifestyle routines and to achieve client-focused personal health goals.

Health Coaches are recognized by the most significant health institutions in the world and already play a vital part in the emerging preventative healthcare model.