Sexy Spring Salad

Oh my oh my do I love feeling sexy.  How does a wife and mom of 3 feel sexy you ask?  It's a loaded question, but one about which I feel extremely passionate!  When I am my best me, body, mind and spirit, I feel amazing.  My entire family benefits from the momma with the sexy shorts on if you know what I mean?  Kids screaming, fighting, whining and crying for food at 4pm on a Monday?  It's ok, momma feels sexy.  The husband is busy while I'm at home organizing and packing for a family trip?  It's all good, momma's got her sexy.  Ok, so what about when it's the middle of the holiday season and stress and overwhelm creeps in from an overloaded schedule and there's comfort food all around? YUP!  Momma's got this because she feels sexy!  Now, don't get me wrong, I have many insecure, self-critical moments, but when I am taking the time and energy to take care for this one unique and intricately designed body (I mean, just THINK about what a woman's body can do!) I am able to find a positive far sooner than when I feel less than sexy.

This can be a touchy subject with women or in a conservative town, but not talking about it only makes us females feel worse.  Sexy is a feeling, a state of mind, an expression or even a simple decision--we were created to feel it!  While It's not an ideal or set of measurements, it IS acceptance of your unique body in your mind and spirit.  When you make the decision to fuel your best you are also choosing to feel your best--which lends itself to self love and acceptance.  Women are strong.  We are brave, bold, unique, sensual, emotional, sensitive, compassionate, and absolutely sexy.  We are capable of turning ordinary chaos into life-giving joy and the most complex and complicated situations into peace and calm.  Awesome, real food nutrition such as this spring salad is one of the most pleasurable ways we can feed our inner sexy.  What are you waiting for?

Sexy Spring Salad

By Audrey Byker Health Coach

1 Large bowl

Baby spinach and arugula

Sauteed mushrooms, onions and garlic (leftover)

Cold, roasted sweet potatoes (leftover)

Cold protein of choice (you guessed it, beans, chicken or bacon, leftover)

Balsamic vinaigrette (My family could drink this one)

Raw sunflower seeds

Assemble salad with desired amount of every ingredient in order.  You are uniquely you and there are no set measurements for that reason.  Sit down, breathe, chew, preferably in the spring sunshine, and enjoy every bite!