Candied Nuts and Seeds


It's true, obesity, ADD/ADHD, autism, allergies, cancer and autoimmune diseases are on the rise in children living in the United States.  As a mother and educator this does not sit well with me.  Real food not only prevents disease, but it can dramatically lessen symptoms, and in many circumstances, heal.  

After working 3 years in the schools, the decision was made to make all lunches for my family as long as our children would choose strawberry milk and Bosco sticks outside of our supervision.  Today, with 2 in school, I'm shocked to hear from them they ALWAYS want mom to make their lunch.  While there are definitely weeks where I'd give a lot not to care, making lunches is a small thing I can do to help my babies thrive.  

Candied Nuts and Seeds was born from the realization that children unite when it comes to having a love for sweets.  They especially love snacky treats they can carry in a bag and crumple up to shove in their pockets.  While raw nuts alone are insanely full of macro and micronutrients our bodies need, they seriously lack in satisfying flavor and crunch their packaged food rivals have to offer.  The best way to eat these is in a small bowl alongside some delicious fruits and veggies "of course"--as my 3-yr.-old would say!

Candied Nuts and Seeds

By Audrey Byker Health Coach

6 cups of raw nuts and seeds of your choice (cost makes the decision for me)

2 Tbls coconut sugar

1/4 cup melted coconut oil or ghee

1/4 cup pure maple syrup

1/2 tsp fine grain sea salt (or to taste)

A sprinkle of cinnamon (optional)

Preheat oven to 300 degrees F.  Add nuts and seeds to large bowl.  Combine remaining ingredients then pour over nuts and seeds. Stir and toss well to coat.  Spread on large baking sheet.  Place in oven then set timer for 15 min.  Toss and shake around every 15 min. for 45 min. bake time total.  I keep setting my timer so I can multitask without distraction!  Cool completely then store in an air-tight container at room temp. or freeze for 6+ months in Ball jars.  I've never had them sit longer than a few days!